zondag 30 maart 2014

New Home

We are very busy moving.. its going to turn out great.. but what a job, didnt know we had so many things..

Here are some pictures from our new home

Our kitchen, we want to look for a new top, i dont like the blue

hallway to the old part of the house

toilet, i want to paint the red doors with chalkboard paint



One of the 2 bedrooms upstairs, we want to make a new annex, then the bathroom is going downstairs and then we have 2 big or 3 small bedrooms. I dont think its handy that you gave to brush your teeth in a bedroom

little bathroom

our new bedroom

our bedroom has got a little annex, the previous people wanted to build there bathroom here but i dont think its handy.

we have a very very big garden, its till the big trees in the back

they did nothing on the livingroom. It was a very small dark room

We removed the dirty carpet. My brother ( in de picture) removed the cabinets and the ceiling because there is a wonderful beam ceiling, and an old wooden floor

when we were breaking walls and ceilings we found this wall, i am planning to keep it this way.

Today we are really moving, so we have to catch the cats, take our bed and tonight we sleep in a very messy house, but it will work.

Have a nice day!

maandag 3 maart 2014


Lovely weather.. unfortunately I cant enjoy it because I am very busy.
The book is going very very fast (make sure you order one if you want to have one)
In a few weeks we are moving and at work and school its very busy.
I still wanted to share some pictures with you and wish you a wonderful week.